Sunday, February 8, 2015


     Well, this is another attempt to create a blog, which I have heard is a very important tool in getting "known" by the world. Perhaps this time I'll be more successful and I can keep up with my thoughts (good luck on that one!) and share them with you.  I am in the midst of writing a one woman show entitled HIDE & SEEK. It is pretty much a memoir on how I navigated my lonely childhood which brought me to this place. 

     I used to resent being neglected, but now I realize how lucky I was to have been forced to become self sufficient and very well able to navigate my world in my own, unique way which has been first by HIDING in the characters of others. I always knew I'd be an actor because it was on the stage that I received the love I craved so desperately. More recently I've been SEEKING by writing stories, plays, poems always looking inward to find "ME". 

     Several years ago I created my first radio show ... first A Radio Chat with Judy Stadt, which was a live call in show. The reason I started it was because as I have always been a lover of Radio, the shows that I listened to made me CRAZY. I would walk around the house screaming ... not good. So I went to a local station and sold them on my ability to talk. They knew of my popularity as an actress locally so I had two hours every Saturday to play with. I did some local interviews and the call ins were not very satisfying (I'm really not into chit chat and nonsense). So, I created THE LUNCH AND JUDY SHOW, yes after The Punch And Judy Show. This show is heaven for me because I do everything myself ... the content is written by me, including songs & poetry, I sing with dead singers such as Sinatra, Clooney & Torme because I can edit myself in.

     All of my life trying to be heard. Of course, that seems obvious now (it took more than 70 fucking years to realize) that because nobody listened to me as a kid that I won't tolerate being ignored.   Anyway, more later darlings.





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