Saturday, December 5, 2015


I have to add my blog on my daily routine list! I am a person that really benefits from routines. The many routines that I enjoy DAILY are: Listening to Abraham-Hicks for inspiration, listening to Sadhguru for inspiration, listening to an audiobook to get a feeling what different people experienced growing up. Oh, also I've completed one year of daily Spanish lessons with Duolingo ... It's fabuloso! I'm 40% fluent and plan to be 100% by next year.

As a writer, I'm working on two plays (when I'm inspired), love to do illustrations of women ... portraits mainly. Don't know why they are looking so depressed but that is the way they turn out. 
I started drawing cartoons a number of years ago and they have a completely different look:

I feel so lucky to have these interests. For a long time I woke up regularly in a depressed state. My main passion is acting and have been in more than 80 plays, but getting older made the parts fewer to get. Anyway, I wrote my own, and will save that bit of info for next blog. Sure hope to remember to write one. Have a wonderful day darlings!
Judy Stadt

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